- Lera means Clay,  thus Lalera= theClay

Sculptor Lena Bolin. 
Mayhaps a neither complete nor correct title  for me. Who I am and how I look matters not,  but this is what I do and what I want to express. 

My choice of material  above all is stoneware clay,  recently also porcelain clay.
I work it with a stone,  handtools of wood, and I pinch it up and clap the clay into form.  Pinching is a stoneage technique.

Sculptures 2014 -


Most of the objects in the pictures are sold. 
For information about my current work,  see Instagram;  and search for @lalera_skulptur and look at my current work and my workprocess. In Instagram I also inform about my participation in local Events and you can contact me direct, there. I can provide pictures of new work, on email,  that are available for purchase. Contact.
You can also go to Etsy.com/lalerasculpture where I sell some smaller objects. 

I met clay 1988 and it became my main occupation; until 2008, which was a turning point for me, since I had a stroke, and I lost my abilities to speak, write, draw, sculpt.  The years after that were filled with reminding my brain,  that we did know how to do these things. Making viking vessels became my training program. 
It succeeded and Im back to my beloved clay.

Viking age vessels 2011-2014

A look back in time: 

Sculptures made 1989-2007

A sidetrack 

The quality of the pictures here may wary, 
caused by my former lack of  insight in the
need for good documentation
of my work.





I am most fascinated by the matrilinear, matrilocal, matrifocal cultures in Europe and the middle east, that had evolved  during many thousands of years and then was crushed by the patriarchy 6000 BC - 3000 BC. 

Yet it still is the foundation on which the patriarchal cults and thus, our present cultures are built. The traces are still there in the native american and other matrilinear cultures that  exist, its evident in the way the European royalty inherit and its evident in all the archeological finds from the stoneage.

The Great Earth Mother is my favourite motif which I constantly keep repeating in all kinds of materials and techniques.

My choice of motif follows two separate lines. One is the humouristic, empathy-inducing line, often animals in human form, or perhaps humans in animal form?

The other is the serious line, often with associations to the neolithic and paleolithic european cultures that I am so drawn to and love to tell about. They tell about our origins and about the origins of our present culture. They also reveal a lot about us now, in this age.



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